'Transcendence' is like a little voice from another sphere or age. It'a unique mixture of Dolores Thompson's poetry and the music of Karsten Klemme. We recite and sing Christian, contemplative songs.

Our songs are journeys of the soul searching for light. Through these journeys, the spirit climbs and goes beyond the realm of the ordinary. It speaks to the very depth of the soul through challenges of light and darkness. A new light shines in the darkness; aiding and lifting the soul to the height of transcendence.

Our CD 'Child of Light' contains the essence of our work. Sixteen songs, over one hour full of poetry and music.

Our former name was 'Poetic Intercessions'. Under this name we've released a series of four CD's: 'Voices' 'Sail With Me' 'Divine Fire' and 'Inner Mystic'. Together they contain 63 songs, some are available as free high quality and full length downloads and online audio streams.
Distant Thunder is a dialogue between God and the soul based on Saint Therese's 'The Little Way'. Accompany this spiritual journey through the peaks and valleys of a struggling soul to the triumphant victory over greed and pretention. Distant Thunder opens the door to spiritual childhood and child-like trust.

High Quality Download (256kBit/s - 33:33 - 62mb)

Some background information about the beginnings of Transcendence' and about Dolores Thompson and Karsten Klemme.

Download and stream 'The Deep Inerness' A DVD project with Len Sroka, Dolores Thompson and Karsten Klemme

The World English Audio Bible. Read by Dolores Thompson and Karsten Klemme. The Good News According to John ( Red letter edition ) and The Psalm ( Book 1 ).
Online streaming and free download.


Our music and writings are all original works and are copyrighted.  Please obtain permission if you wish to utilize any of our music or writings.

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