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Dolores writes:

Since 1970, I began writing poetry. By the time 2003 rolled around, I had quite a collection of poems. In the latter part of September 2003, I began a novena to the Archangels, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael for the guidance of my poetry.

After attending a Christian Conference in Arizona, I learned of the Catholic Music Association and e-mailed the association a small note stating that I write Catholic/spiritual poetry and am searching for someone who would be interested in putting my poems to music/song.

On September 29, 2003, the Feast Day of the Archangels, Michael, Raphael and Gabriel I received a reply to my e-mail request….from Karsten Klemme of Salzbergen, Germany. He was so gracious and eager to hear my poems…I e-mailed him two or three samples of my poetry.

Through much prayer and communication we have worked together to bring about beautiful, inspiring, heart-lifting messages, better known as our new spiritual venture…Transcendence. I have been Roman Catholic all of my life. I adore the Eucharist and have a loving devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and many saints. Through their intercessions, they pray with me and for me, to Jesus, to make known His divine will. Many of the poems I have written were inspired in the presence of the Eucharist.

Karsten, a recent convert to the Catholic Church, manifests a deep love for God, his wife and family. We share the richness of the faith and express this in our cooperation and desire to glorify our Lord through beautiful music.

Never underestimate the power of prayer.

On September 29, 2006 I wrote

Love is the dawn of your soul

At a very young age my innocence was assailed with sarcasm and criticism which fashioned me powerlessly afraid.

Half truths and self righteous arrogance were my first mentors. Tears of confusion and timidly muted my lips and blurred my inner vision. My journey was paved with broken and missing steps. The path of life was a torn stained crumbled map...a leaf blowing in the wind.

I stumbled and caused others to fall as well. I was a blind guide navigating with a tattered unreadable map.

I entered wounded and limping into a world of haughty jealous women and shallow minded teachers who spoke about the wisdom of the world. I listened in silence.

Peace was found in solitude whenever it availed itself.

Jealous women and harsh judgmental words reopened injuries I thought had healed. Confused and depressed I cried for love!

Where do I run? Where do I go? If I ponder on my past I'll never get back up. If I stay in this room I'll drown in my tears.

Trembling with fear I fell to my knees. A tiny voice within spoke to me and said,"listen to my words and be obedient. Your obedience to my instructions will set you free. You can do nothing without me.

I distorted cruel familiarity with a form of beauty. Fooled by its flattery, left handed compliments were like a soft garment camouflaged with thorns. The atlas of my life and direction of my internal compass, covered in fog, led to dead end roads. In the silence of my heart I ran to you.

You told me:
I see all things and know all things. I am the truth and the life....I am the way. My holy will is the atlas to heaven. I say holy because only holiness can see beyond the fog of confusion and the silence of despair. Your will leads you to the center of the web, deeper into the darkness, into the claw of destruction. You must seek my holy will. It will enlighten your path.

Love is the key. Love is the dawn of your soul. Love is the light in darkness. Love is the path that will lead you out of the web of death. Love is your destination. I am love.

Karsten writes:

In 1989 I became aware of the power of spoken words mixed with the right music. I recorded some bible passages and underlayed them with a kind of unobtrusive and soothing music of mine. The result was an audio cassette which I had to copy many times, since it was so popular among the peoples of the church I was attending in these days. I began to search for other artists/CD's and composers who did the same thing and was amazed by the richness I found.

In the years that followed I was often times asked to play music and 'lead the worship' in congregations. My favorite style was to play gently on the piano while the people prayed silently... it was my 'special field' of service, and often I was rushing through the songs in order to get to this place of quiet and intimate worship. I've never stopped doing this, and it's also a great privilege to play with other musicians and singers at all kinds of events... yet what I like the most is to retreat into my little 'sound-world' at home and work on new compositions.

Since 1995 I started to write new songs and step by step expanded my gear. The rapid high-tech progress helped me a great deal, since it was now possible to play sampled instruments on the computer, which was a possibility of musical expression too expensive to do before. I produced several CD's, and when I had a broadband internet connection I started to upload and share MP3's on the web.

In September 2003 I composed some instrumental pieces which I entitled 'Unspoken Understanding'. During the writing process of these tracks it became clear to me that it would be better to find someone to collaborate with, to leave my place as a 'loner' composer. I joined different online networks one of them was the Catholic Music Association. At the end of September I received an e-mail from Dolores Thompson, she mailed me some poetry, and as I read it I suddenly 'heard' new music inside of me...

We decided to find out if a colaboration might be a way worthy to follow. Dolores sent me some CD's with recited poetry. I produced the little sample 'The Dawn'...this was the starting point of our project: 'Transcendence'.

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