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Jonsong is the online project of "Jonathan" Karsten Klemme.

This site brings you lots of free MP3 downloads: Over eighty songs and more than a hundred chapters from audio books, all high quality encoded files. Also you'll find videos at YouTube / Vimeo and 3D images.

Jonsong covers a collection of different collaborations and solo projects. Online since twelve years, I was able to bring a little bit of joy to quite a number of people around the globe. The Internet offers many ways to connect creative minds, crossing all borders and overcoming vast distances.

This web site contains the following projects:

Audio - "Yellow Fields"
These five instrumental works are bathed in sunlight. All were created as time stood still during long hot summer afternoons. I was sitting outdoors in the shadow of an apple tree on our garden bench, immersed, blissfully oblivious as the synthesizer sounds coming from the headphones flooded my ears.

Audio - "Sepia"
Over the years I've seen a lot of very old photographs. Couples, soldiers and children in their finest dress, looking a bit awkward into the camera, and all is tinted in this brownish sepia tone. What do these people have in common? They're long gone, and this fading image is nothing but a remaining far away whisper. Their hopes and dreams, all their hard work and suffering, their little joys and secret thoughts, time has washed it all away.

It can be most helpful to consider the transitory nature of all created things. We think of ourselves as more or less stable persons, a solid entity resisting the forces of entropy. But we're just one heartbeat in a complex rhythm. In the symphony of life our note is not meaningless, but it's a tiny note, hanging in the air for just one second between the cradle and the grave.

Many words were spoken to describe God and his character, and many of these qualities have seen a lot of inflation and misuse. I'm fully aware that words often fail when it comes to the deepest questions of our existence. But I can't help myself, I have to call God my home, my source, the singularity where all ends and starts at the same instant, and no matter how deep I fall, his arms will be there to catch me and bring me home.

Audio - "Deus Absconditus"
A spiritual journey through five phases: 1 - Innocence, 2 - Conflict, 3 - Night, 4 - Awakening, 5 - Transcendence. Synth and Sampler-based instrumental music. Inspired by the works of Nicolaus Cusanus, Meister Eckhart and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

Audio - "Playalongs"
These short tracks are just a few simple means to learn how to play a solo guitar. I'm fascinated by the possibility to invent melodies, the rest is just backdrop. Creating them was a joyful thing to do, with no 'serious intentions' in mind. Initially they were not ment to be published on the Web, but maybe they'll be useful to others as well. Just set your audio player or DAW to loop playing and the fun can begin.

Audio - "Upon this Rock"
My main focus is on the keyboards, but this project heavily depends on the electric guitar. To hit a string is in its own way a much more direct approach to music making than to press a key. Virtual amps,reverb and delay create the space for the melodies to evolve. This kind of music may best fit into the progressive rock genre.

Audio - "Immersed in the Mystery"
Five calm instrumental pieces with a focus on the piano, accompanied by strings and synthesizer pads. This kind of music may be compared to artists like Ludovico Einaudi, Mike Oldfield, Vangelis etc.

Audio - "Transcendence"
A collaboration with the American poet Dolores Thompson. Download and stream all songs from all five albums. Also we've made the full length 33 minutes spiritual journey "Distant Thunder" available for you. This is contemplative Christian poetry, sung and recited, merged with quiet soundscapes or progressive, contemporary rock ballads.

Audio - "Avial"
A collaboration with the guitarist "Lentz". Instrumental works with a strong focus on the lead guitar. This music is rich with melody, sometimes evolving into the polyphonic. The rock-based electric guitar is living in a symbiosis with thick pads and sometimes a stronger rhythm.

Audio - "Strange Forms of Life"
Solo project with a focus on social criticism of our brave new western world. Personal experiences of alienation combined with a critical view on materialism and the media. Ballads influenced by progressive rock and bands like Genesis or Pink Floyd. In some songs extensive use of sounds from machines, in "Synchronized Perception" even an excerpt from Orson Welles "War of the Worlds"

Audio - "Spark of Hope"
CD production from the year 2003. These lyrics were inspired by going through a painful transition: After exaggerated religious zeal I fell into a phase of disillusionment which led to the discovery of deeper spiritual sources and a more authentic lifestyle. Ballads accompanied not only by the usual samplers, keyboards and synthesizers but also by the acoustic guitar.

Audio - "Music for Videos"
The music from the ten YouTube videos. The beginning for this project was the visual, music was added later on. First came the animated images of the photographers, afterwards the fitting audio. Amazingly this can lead to an interesting listening experience when the video is later removed, the music can conjure up a new film or image in the mind.

Audio - "The Deep Innerness"
Music from the DVD collaboration with Len Sroka and Dolores Thompson. These "Seescapes" meditations are a mixture of instrumental music and spoken texts. This another good example how a virtual project is made possible through file exchange over thousands of miles, without actually seeing each other in real life.

Audio - "Miscellaneous"
Different smaller projects:
1- "Clouds", a song with a focus on impermanence and the transitory nature of all things created.
2- Two songs with words extracted from Tagore's "Gitanjali"
3- Two CCM songs, with explicit Christian lyrics.
4- Instrumental guitar work, made for the opening of an art exhibition.

Audio -
Audio books in German. The Gospel of John, Rilke's "Duineser Elegien" and sermons by Meister Eckhart.


Mandelbrot's Dream
A few years ago I was working with a program which was translating Mandelbrot's famous equation into beautiful images. The results were poor and low-res, but it was fascinating how a simple mathematical operation generated these fractal, somehow organic and complex structures. Yesterday whilst checking out new apps for my iPad I discovered Frax HD, which is a real quantum leap compared to the old software because of the touchpad handling and fast rendering. !

Fractal Windows
My second Frax video tries to focus on content, not effect. Based on the words: fractal, fractured and fragment you can see many structures which look like windows, each a little bit different, each offering another point of view. What is missing is the whole picture, the unified, holistic understanding. Also you can observe how the light is fading, the images are getting darker and darker. But in the light of deep space and time things fall into place, from a transcending perspective all details are recognized without loosing the whole picture.

Ten YouTube videos, a collaboration with photographers from around the globe. The portal PBase is gathering quite a number of talents and is refreshingly different from other holiday pictures platforms. Especially the images of Phil Douglis in the ten minute video "S-H-A-P-E" are working quite well with the music. This video tells the story of the beauty and transitoriness of all human efforts to create and mold things out of chaos. At Vimeo you'll find the videoclips for our (together with Peter Walterscheid) "Über Allem" liveshows.


Images made with Frax.

Pictures taken with my iPad.

Just for fun I'm sometimes playing around with 3D programs like Blender and Carrara. It's so fascinating how virtual worlds evolve on the screen, especially the possibility to create things which "in reality" do or could not exist. shows works of my wife Angelika Klemme.