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1 - The tree on the hill ( 2:19, 3.2 mb ) Download

Imagine a single tree on top of a hill
It’s the middle of summer, the air is dancing over the gravel road
I’m alone, open fields, blue sky, maybe a few afternoon clouds
No rush of wind, everything is calm, serene
Only my breath and the blood pounding in my ears
The heat and the sweat blurs the vision
I’m tired and yet with an intense awareness approaching the tree
This is where I heard the strange sound for the first time
A sound, light as a feather and heavy as a boulder
Music awakening from the highest heavens
And the deepest earth below
All the noise of this world was washed away for just a few moments
On that day, a strange form of life took hold of me…

2 - A strange form of life ( 4:50, 6.7 mb ) Download

A strange form of life has taken hold of me
Don’t pad my back, there’s something out of tune
A blank face behind each wheel, three-lane traffic, the rush and speed
The shopping mall looks strange and lifeless clean

Cell-phones, ring-tones, online banking, tv-shows, the brave new world
It’s the world-wide game they all want to play
Global village, drug abuse, the noise of machines it’s so hard to find a place of peace
With deep-frozen hearts and only numbers instead of souls

A strange form of life has taken hold of me
I’d like to have less things and say a simple prayer
Why do I need the newest and best, the cutting-edge, speed enhanced?
The data overload must be cut off

3 - Let all mortal flesh be silent ( 5:01, 6.9 mb ) Download

Let all the earth keep silence before Him.” Habakkuk 2:20
Liturgy of St. James, 4th Century translated from Greek to English by Gerard Moultrie, 1864.
French carol melody; Harmony from The English Hymnal, 1906, Public Domain

Let all mortal flesh keep silence,
And with fear and trembling stand;
Ponder nothing earthly minded,
For with blessing in His hand,
Christ our God to earth descendeth,
Our full homage to demand.

King of kings, yet born of Mary,
As of old on earth He stood,
Lord of lords, in human vesture,
In the body and the blood;
He will give to all the faithful
His own self for heavenly food.

Rank on rank the host of heaven
Spreads its vanguard on the way,
As the Light of light descendeth
From the realms of endless day,
That the powers of hell may vanish
As the darkness clears away.

At His feet the six wingèd seraph,
Cherubim with sleepless eye,
Veil their faces to the presence,
As with ceaseless voice they cry:
Alleluia, Alleluia
Alleluia, Lord Most High!

4 - Father what have we done ( 6:40, 9.2 mb ) Download

Father what have we done
Now that we’ve erased all faith
Believing only in ourselves

Father what have we done
Now that we are free from myths
All religious creeds long left behind

The Age of Reason has come
We’re civilized and educated
Heaven is just a fiction of the mind

All the guilt is gone
No more shame and no remorse
Conscience clean there is no holy law

To be set free from the Lord who claimed to rule and judge
To proof that we can make a better world without God

Enough of these superstitions: Let science enlighten our understanding
No spirit world no more fables of angels and life after death
Put away these holy books and hymns to God
We will become noble out of our own strength
No need of humble prayers and confessions
We’re liberal and tolerant we have evolved into humanistic humans…

Father my eyes have seen
Too much damage too much pride
Our brave new world is falling apart

To be set free from the curse we’ve brought upon ourselves

There must be something wrong deep down inside of us
Some kind of wound that will not heal

And when my eyes will see beyond the hills of disbelief
The veil of pride will be removed by grace

Going down into the river and bend my knees
Simply start to pray for both of us

( Special guest: Guitarist Lentz - Intro solo )

5 - Synchronized perception ( 5:22, 7.4 mb ) Download

Our minds all synchronized
We all feel the same
The dream factory
Shapes lies and vanity

Synchronized - Mesmerized - Tranquilized - Paralyzed
Serialized - Dramatized - Glamorized - Tantalized

We think we have choice
A free will of our own
Yet millions of empty eyes
Watch the same show tonight

Centralized - Downsized - Synthesized - Finalized
Colonized - Equalized - Commercialized - Westernized

Our minds all synchronized
All staring at the screen
Mass media sensation
Heartbeat in unison

( With an extract from the 1938 radio show ' The War of the Worlds' by Orson Welles / The Mercury Theatre )

6 - As the drama unfolds ( 4:51, 7.6 mb ) Download

Vaporized Illusions, out of balance, out of tune,
We stumble in our golden western cage.

Burning up the petrol incense, global warming with hearts so cold,
We’re cutting down the tree that bears our life.

Consumer worship in the mall, we hum the hymns between the shelves,
Whilst trampling down the hunger in our souls.

Deaf to the cry of the poor, hesitating to share
and give to those in need, we don’t care.

Look now how we’ve spoiled the place, with all our wicked ways.
Bound by the chains we ourselves have forged.

As the drama unfolds, we don’t want to miss the show
And celebrate ourselves and our doom.

Digital confinement, high tech progress, so perfectly misused.
Sophisticated communication, yet uttering so stupid words.

As the drama unfolds, we don’t want to miss the show
And celebrate ourselves and our doom.

Barren deep in our souls, with artificial fruits adorned.
Rotten at the core, the masters of illusions.

7 - Complicated Entity ( 4:19, 9.9 mb ) Download

Strange forms of life
Advanced in their technology
Sending probes to Mars
Yet we don’t know ourselves

A new species evolves
Endowed with the spark of God
But we don’t take it to heart
Out of tune, we stumble on

In my mind, I can orchestrate a symphony
Resounding in the cave of this entity; me
But you are there, and I stand here
A great divide lies between two different worlds

So just take my hand
Reach out to me and overcome
Love conquers all
Faith brings the healing on

Now the balance regained
Grace no science can explain
Help me to become
Human in the deepest sense