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SPARK OF HOPE The complete CD (2003)

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1- Ember (5.82 MB) Download

This glowing ember, way down inside, neglected, forgotten, a treasure in the dark. Hidden in the ashes, buried with the past, there’s more than I hoped for, I’m taken by surprise. How much you loved me, how much you still care, no short-lived passion would have endured so far. Yet things to discover, there’s more underneath. It seem you’re still the expert in the warming of the hearts. Please help me to kindle, bring dry wood, bring coals. Set alight the fire, set free the frozen souls. See the vast damage, all those heartless deeds, those stone-cold faces, those eyes with scars not willing to heal. Help me to love now, teach me how to fan, those tiny red sparkles, make me smile. To sit by the fire, in this long, cold night. To see your shape emerging out of the flames. Please help me to kindle, bring dry wood, bring coals. Set alight the fire, set free the frozen souls.

2 - Symphony of Praise (5.36 MB) Download

If one had the chance to travel through space and time, if all human life could be seen in a glance of the eye. Apart from the blood, the sweat and countless tears, the marvellous sound of souls would fill the air. A symphony of praise all to you, worship form the heart all over the place. The adoration of your name, perpetual prayer, the invocation of the one, who created all. Not many wise according to the ways of this age, not many mighty and noble born: But the weak things of the world, to confound the strong. The mysterys of God proclaimed, by the little ones.

3 - The Dark Night of the Soul (5.37 MB) Download

Almost word to word rendering of this poem by St. John of the cross.

One dark night I went out, unseen, my house being now all stilled. In darkness and secure, by the secret ladder, my house being now all stilled. In secret with no other light or guide, than the one that burned within my heart. More surely than the light of noon, this guided me, to unite the lover with his beloved. I abandoned, forgot myself, laying my face on my beloved. Night, glad night, more lovely than the dawn. Night, glad night, suspending all my senses. No one saw me there, nor did I look at anything. All things ceased, I went out from myself. Night, glad night, morely lovely than the dawn, Light, glad light, it wounded my neck with its gentle hand. Light, glad light, leaving my cares forgotten behind.

4 - The Book of Wisdom (6.41 MB) Download

Wisdom is a spirit, a friend to man. Wisdom is bright, does not grow dim. By those who love her she is quickly seen, and found by those who look for her. She is a breath from God, reflecting eternal light. Her friendship lasts forever, is graciously, divine. Watch for her early and you will have no need, You’ll find her sitting at your gate. She is so pure, steadfast and unique, quick to move for those who search. She is a breath from God, reflecting eternal light. Her friendship lasts forever, is graciously, divine. She it was I loved and searched for from my youth, I fell in love with her intoxicating smile. The fear of the Lord is the crown of wisdom, pay attention to her words. Happy the man who treasures her, do not desert her, she will keep you safe. She is a breath from God, reflecting eternal light. Her friendship lasts forever, is graciously, divine. Wisdom has buil herself a house, prepared her wine. She has laid her table and proclaims: Who is ignorant – let him step this way. To the fool she says: Come and eat my bread, drink the wine I have prepared. Leave your folly and you will live, Walk in the ways of perception.

5 - Airborne (4.92 MB) Download

Gravity holds, tears me down, pulling me closer, until I hit the ground. This force is draging me, leaving no choice, no way out, no way to escape. Airborne, finally I’ve found the key to overcome. Airborne, to glide away on the upswing current of air. When I was bound to thoughts of darkness, when I couldn’t raise my head to see the sky. When I felt so weak and helpless. When no wings to lift me up came to my aid. You are the lifter of my head, my guide, you suspend all the heaviness that’s in my soul. You give me wings to fly like the eagles. Sailing on the stream of love.

6 - Love Child (5.26 MB) Download

Would you come to me upon the waters, I’m stranded here in the storms of life. With your gentle hands reshape this vessel, And mold it into something of worth. I am well aware of my wrong doings, embarked to shores that would not provide, the riches of your heart, the warmth, so I resolve just to be again: Your love child - I’ll walk with you forever. Your love child - enfolded in this care. Your love child - we will share together. Your love child - father I’m coming home. Where would I have been without my elder brother, he’s so much like you, and yet he’s one of us. Both of you relate so perfectly together. May I come in and join the bliss, the love, the peace. The path is steep, the way is narrow, that leads me to this higher place, where vanity and doubts extinguish, in rays of pure light, pure energy. Yet it’s not really so complicated, it’s more a childlike and simple attempt, to grasp the grace which you have shown us, and not to flinch from this loving look. In your eyes - I know I’m forgiven. In your eyes - released from the shame. In your eyes - heart to heart together. In your eyes - father I’m coming home.

7 - Spark of Hope (5.29 MB) Download

The bruised reed he shall not break, and smoking flax he shall not quench… The spark of hope has never left me, although I was bruised and torn apart. The spark of hope has never left me, invisible comfort, unknown and yet so close. Darkness increased brings out the truth, my weakness reveals a hidden source. The spark of love has never left me, although let down and treated so wrong. The spark of love has never left me, the morning star is rising up. Could you be honest with yourself? And yet not faint? (because of what you see) I felt so lost and out of place, ready to quit. Yet the spark was always stronger than anything else. I follow the path with this humble guide, until union comes. He heals the broken in heart, and binds up their bruises. He will seek that which was lost, and that which was driven away, he will bring again. He will strengthen that which was weak. Come to him all you that labor and are burdened, he will refresh you. The spark of faith has never left me, although despair tried to bring me down The spark of faith has never left me, Invisible comfort know more known. To whom shall he have respect, but to him that is poor and little, and of a contrite spirit…

8 - Fading with the Years (5.05 MB) Download

When bright colours fade to grey, old dust covers spring fields. And the game of self confidence, seems so stupid to play. In the light of eternity, my eyes adjust to a far wider plane. I found unending love, now closer, more real. Jesus, you are more than hope, Renewed with every breath, there’s fresh growth and strenght to come, right down under pale skin. A beauty unchanging true, a life of eternal spring. I’m fading with the years, so much to reflect upon. With my mind I can travel far, just by closing my eyes. All the tears and loughter, all pane and joy and places I have been.

9 - Ferryman (4.77 MB) Download

Ferryman, won’t you take me to the other side. Ferryman, such a longing to be home. Ferryman, I can’t pay you, I depend on you. Ferryman, to bring me over, to cross this line. I know I must be purged from my sins, washed in the waters of the river of live - Ferryman. The vast unknown before my eyes, impossible to pass alive, I would be surely drowning. Yet the transition must take place, the way I came is gone and lost. Help me through I pray. I know I must be purged so deep within, cleansed by the fire of your ardent love. Ferryman, you look so friendly, there’s such a warmth in your eyes. Ferryman, would you show me the city on the other side. Ferryman, I’ve heard there’ll be no night, no pane, no tears to cry. Ferryman, the separation left behind, we will be one.

10 - Secret Operations (7.93 MB) Download

Father God, I thank you for your secret operations. The constant surgery of the divine spirit Will heal me and increase our union. The deep tumor of sin will be removed by gentle and skilful hands. GIVE ME A HEART. Let me be a vessel of mercy. Thank you for etherizing me through the spirit of heaven. You make me still to be prepared for action. I will lay down on the blissful meadow of compassion. Make me fly like the wind. Let me be an active messenger of genuine love, hope, faith and peace. All this I pray in the name of The father, the son and the holy spirit.Amen.