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S E P I A ( 5:39 - 10 mb - 256 kbps ) Download MP3 - Download PDF - Extra Page


All this beauty turns to dust again.
A time to live, a time to die.
The light fades, this dance is over now.
Every tale comes to an end.

Season change, ages come and go.
The gathered stones are cast away.
Hopes and dreams are just a vapor trail.
Soon forgotten, soon erased.

And as we toil the world is moving on.
All the actors will be replaced.
Memories fade into sepia.
One path forgotten, some other way revealed.

Beyond these shores lies another land.
As we sail a light will glow.
A distant beacon, a call from far away.
The vessel finds its way back home.

Soon this place will be to small,
And I’ll be washed into the sea.
Listen to the wind, you’ll find me there.
Breaking waves chant endless songs.



C L O U D S ( 3:47 - 7.1 mb - 256 kbps ) Download


YouTube video by Len Sroka:

As this earth keeps on revolving, the sun itself
and all the countless stars are moving on and on.
Perpetual motion, the stream of shapes
never stops as particles fade in and out of space and time.

A billion hearts are pounding, racing on towards
their deaths, a flood of blood and tears will flow.
Transitory blossom, the tree of life turns into many
different guises, figures and forms.

Clouds pass by the ever-changing sky.
The winds of time, this fleeting life.
Ceaseless waves pound against the shore.
Grains of sand are what remains of solid rock.

You are timeless beauty, the source of life,
and where you are, there is my home.
To know your love gives me hope
beneath the ever-changing, restless clouds.


Exhibition Opening Music ( 6:00 - 8.3 mb ) Download

Friday 9-9-2011: At the opening of the 'von innen nach außen' art exhibition
at the BBK Kunst-Quartier in Osnabrück.
You can see works of my wife ( artangelica ) and her colleague Annie Fischer.



Rabindranath Tagore - Gitanjali - Poems set to music.

1- When you command me to sing ( 5:18 - 7.3 mb ) Download

When you command me to sing,
it seems that my heart
would break with pride,
and I look to your face
and tears come to my eyes.

All that is harsh in my life
melts into one sweet harmony,
and my adoration spreads wings,
like a glad bird
on its flight across the sea.

I know you take pleasure in my singing.
I know that only as a singer I can come.
Before my presence with my singing.
I know that only as a singer I can come.

With the wings of my song
I touch your feet which I could
never aspire to reach and touch.
Drunk with the joy of singing
I forget myself and call you friend,
you who are my Lord.

2 - You have made me endless ( 4:49 - 6.6 mb ) Download

You have made me endless,
such is your pleasure.
This little flute of a read,
you have carried over hills and valleys.

This frail vessel you empty again and again,
and fill it ever with fresh life.
At the immortal touch of your hands
my little heart looses its limits in joy.

Your infinite gifts come to me only on these
very small hands of mine.
Ages pass and still you pour
and still there is room to fill.

You have made me endless,
such is your pleasure.


Two Praise- & Worship / CCM songs:

Into the Light ( 5:05, 9,6mb ) Download

Father of light, protector of all Gods children.
You give the lonely a home, lead the prisoners out into freedom.
Helper in need, faithful through all the ages.
Enduring love, righteous judge of all the nations.

Father, holy God, hear the cry of the people, deliver your children.
Father, all that is good comes from you, the creator of light.
Father, every gift, every blessing flows from your heart, reaches out to all things.
Father, unfailing presence, drawing us closer into the light, into light.

Father of light, you visit all who are bound by affliction.
You give the hungry your bread, heavenly wine for comfort.
Resist the proud, build a stronghold for all who seek shelter.
You defend the weak, adopt the wandering stranger.

Everlasting father, uncreated light.
Invisible creator, immortal, eternal God.

Say the Name ( 6:44, 12.7mb ) Download

When darkness falls, closing in on you.
No light, no sign, no path to lead you through.
So you’ve lost the way and all your strength is gone.
Somehow disconnected, a stranger at your own home.
Someone has pulled the plug, no energy to face the day.
What you held so tight, it falls apart, moves far away.
When your love grows cold, and grief stands at your door.
Just remember the One, and call on him more and more:

Say the name, lift up the name of Jesus!
Worship him, the saviour and Lord.
Say the name and praise the name of Jesus!
Worship him, the Christ of God, say the name.